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Allergy Treatment at Plantation Allergist

Are allergies keeping you from enjoying things you love? If you’re unable to enjoy lovely Spring weather or household pets, you might consider seeing an allergy specialist. Allergies can make life difficult, especially with persistent symptoms. In some cases, severe allergies post a real threat to your well-being. Whether you suffer from pesky symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy eyes, or more serious reactions like swelling, asthma, and hives, Plantation Allergist can help.

Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnostics

Allergy Specialist PlantationAllergy causes and symptoms vary. Common allergens include pollen, dust mites, pets, insect bites and stings, and food allergies. It’s common for someone to suffer from multiple allergies, which can make self-diagnosis difficult, and sometimes impossible. If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose, cough, or wheezing, you need to consult an allergy doctor for proper allergy testing. At Plantation Allergist, we provide the latest technology in allergy testing and treatment, including allergy skin testing. Don’t exempt yourself from the things you enjoy. Help is available at Plantation Allergist.

Treatment Options

Are over-the-counter allergy medications letting you down? You might be like the countless others who require professional treatment. Additional treatment options include allergy drops and Cluster Immunotherapy. Allergists often recommend allergy shots, also known as subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy for patients with severe asthma or nasal allergies. Recent studies support the use of allergy shots for treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema). We also offer prescription allergy medication such as Flonase, Singulair, Ventolin, Prednisone, and more. Once your specific allergies are determined, we can develop a treatment plan that will give you lasting relief.

Allergies in Children

Allergies in children can greatly affect their quality of life. Seasonal allergies make outdoors play impossible, and pet allergies are terrible when your child desperately wants a dog or cat. What’s worse is when your child has severe allergies such as food and insect sting allergies. Asthma is another common allergy condition in children that poses a real threat. If your child shows signs of asthma such as cough, wheezing, or difficulty breathing, contact an asthma specialist right away. Whether simple or severe, allergies in children are especially difficult. At plantation Allergist, we can help your little ones live an active, happy life

Don’t continue to live with allergy symptoms. For allergy testing and treatment from a reliable allergy specialist, go to Plantation Allergist.

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