Allergy Doctor in Ft. Lauderdale

Allergy Doctor in Ft. Lauderdale

Allergies are one of the biggest nuisances, but with the help of allergy doctor, it is possible to find relief for all of the aggravation you might be feeling. From problems with hay fever, sinus problems, asthma, to eczema, allergy doctors are able to figure out what is happening from the inside of your body. By doing this the allergy specialist or allergist will better know how to treat your specific condition in the best possible way – whether you have developed those itchy, irritating hives and can’t find the culprit, or you are having an adverse reaction to medication, foods or insect stings.

An allergy doctor is able to run tests to diagnose lung function, and better understand your asthma severity and the best possible methods of treatment.  For allergies that are less severe, our allergy doctors can prescribe great medications such as, Flonase, which will help you with your frustrating runny nose, or Claritin and Zyrtec, antihistamines, which you can take daily to alleviate all aggravating symptoms.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are also offered to those who have horrendous allergies that are hard to prevent, such as reactions to molds, dust mites or cat dander. They are usually taken along with an antihistamine such as Zyrtec. Allergy shots are taken over the course of three to five years, and greatly help reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms permanently. Allergy shots can be taken at our Ft. Lauderdale office or any of our other locations.

If you have eczema that is caused by a dust mite allergy, you can take allergy shots as well. Since there are different variations of eczema, allergy doctors may prescribe you medications such as antibiotics or cortisteroids creams, depending on the severity.

From dealing with seasonal allergies, or allergies so intense you are left gasping for air, The Allergy Group in Ft. Lauderdale is here to help you. Allergies can be aggravating, and even frightening, but you never need to feel as if your life is in danger with our help.